The Village Financial

The Village Co-Op was founded by a group of business owners with a desire to spread wealth and knowledge in the communities where we live and serve. We are a registered Non-Profit currently working under a fiscal partner that is a 501(c)3 Certified Organization which makes your donations to this fund tax deductible. All gifts received makes you a registered member of The Village.

Through our COMMUNITY FUND we endeavor to provide a monthly financial gift to Village Members. This model of COLLECTIVE ECONOMICS will be a valuable tool for marginalized communities to get the financial help they need in order to make advances that will ultimately lead to an escape from poverty. Families will be able to send their children to college DEBT-FREE, some have chosen to use their financial gifts for down payments on a home, or to build a business. The establishment of this community fund will serve as the first of many steps in our journey to creating a Black Owned Credit Union.

Alongside the financial gifts Village Members will have access to an online education platform to establish healthy money management strategies, a database of resources to be used in creating a strong foundation for starting and maintaining successful businesses, interactive resources for mental health maintenance, and methodologies for Social Justice action steps with a focus on Political Education.

By using this model of Collective Economics + Education; The Village Co-Op will create an environment of cooperative giving to set the foundation for wealth building within forgotten communities nationwide.
Are you ready to change your financial future?

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